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Welcome to Here you will find a good collection of Pacman flash games. Ms Pacman is a classic arcade video game. It was released in 1981 in North America and became one of the most popular video games of all time. The gameplay is pretty much the same as this in its predecessor, the Pacman game. Here you take the role of a female hero – Ms Pacman. The ghosts which we well know from Pacman are after her. Collect all the yellow dots to complete the level and go on the next one. You will be able to eat the ghosts like in the original version when you eat one of the bigger dots. Another good thing about the game are the new designs of the maze and a couple of gameplay changes over the original game. Here you can play Ms Pacman online for free. You will find also a lot of other Pacman games, most of them are remakes or with changed theme but you can be sure that this is the biggest collection of pacman and ms pacman games online!

The classic Ms Pacman game is redone in flash and you can play it online. You must collect all the yellow dots in the maze to proceed to the next level. Ms. Pacman is pursued by the ghosts, but there is a trick. She will be able to eat the ghosts, but only when Miss Pacman eat one of the big dots in the maze, which are power pills. You can also earn bonus points when you eat fruits and snacks that appear all over the level. Enjoy this classic arcade game!

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