Pacman Variations

On this page we present all the best Pacman game variations.

pacman variations

  • Famous flight – Famous People are tired of the paparazzi and their cameras help them escape them and collect all the stars around town. Ben 10 in the world of Pacman
  • Ben 10 in the world of Pacman – game with characters from the show crosses ben 10 omnitrix the maze and collect without getting caught the evil Ghostfreak.
  • Snake and pacman – Combination of these two games to test your skills and overcome to win the game levels.
  • Chikoman and girls – Derived from pacman you must collect all the yellow balls and red icons in order to catch the girls and the money’s on the screen and win the game.
  • 3D PacMan and bush – Pacman derived from the white house inhabited by ghosts of former Presidents Bush and want to end help them escape them and not get caught.
  • Pacman PacXon – Pacman plays differently moves the sides of the screen and converts the empty spaces in blue spaces without enemies catch you or invade your own space.
  • Pacman and the vampire – Count Dracula has kidnapped the girlfriend of pacman Help him to rescue her from the castle and its labyrinth without his enemies caught.
  • Pumps disabled – Like pacman you go digging through the city to find the bombs before they explode.
  • Mad Pac Adventure – Have kidnapped the girlfriend of pacman and your mission is to help rescue her taking all the coins in order to access key to be caught without his enemies.
  • Chomp play – Pacman derived from driving a denture and you eat all the purple space without the ship or the shark from hitting you.
  • Retrieves the pasta – Pacman derived from thieves have robbed the bank and retrieve the pasta atrapalo to them has fallen on the floor.
  • 2005 Pacman eats balls – Playing pacman with new scenarios and more skilled enemies transporters used to move from side to side of the screen.
  • Original Pacman and Ghosts – Original pacman game makes all the balls to win the game.
  • Hot Girls – Derived from pacman and you’re a guy to kiss all the girls in the party but beware that some have pumps and want to kill you escape from them to win the game.
  • Jacko Man fleeing police – Pacman derived from our friend Jack helps to catch all the balls and children’s on the screen without being caught by the police.
  • Crack Man and the police – Like pacman help our friend to collect all the packages in the city without the police to catch.
  • Pot Man fleeing police – Pacman like the help our friend to collect all the green dots and the objects around the city without the police to catch.
  • Dangerous candidates – In France are choices and candidates are scrambling to win makes all the apples before your opponents without getting caught.
  • Flashman Pacman – Pacman game where you must eat all the balls and the greatest to gain speed and defeat your enemies before time runs out.
  • Pacman and moles – Pacman derived from our friend wants to play a football match but some moles have filled the field to clean soil Help him save the dangers of gambling.
  • Pacman plays ping pong – Playing ping pong with pacman as ball and help him eat all the points to the screen.
  • In the world Sonic Pacman – Sonic is in the pacman maze and has to collect all the rings without ghosts caught