World of Pacman

There are only a few characters in the gaming world that are known to the whole global society. Most of them are featured in the classic videogames of 1980-1990s. The legendary Pacman, a fancy personage that has nothing but a huge mouth, belongs to the list of the world-famous characters and most popular gaming brands. Once, it started with a simple videogame. Then, it developed into a magnificent world of fun and joy, where the player can forget his daily duties and plunge into the pursuit of yummy dots and colored adversaries.

In the Legendary World of Pacman

The gameplay is intuitive and not sophisticated. Each level starts in a labyrinth, where the main character has to collect all the white “energizer” dots to proceed to the upper levels. However, the Pacman game also has its own dangers: multi-colored ghosts that are ready to swallow up the protagonist. In order to gather all the white dots, the yellow glutton must avoid facing the ghosts. Eating large dots provides a bonus: during a limited time period, the main character acquires the skill of eating ghosts. Try not to miss this rare chance because your points will double and get you easier to the honorable league of high-scorers.

world of pacman

Game Clones

Of course, that was a brief description of the original free Pacman. Since then, there have appeared countless sequels and imitations based on the same principles but featuring various characters and surroundings. For instance, one can play in space, or in a fantasy world, or in a fairy-tale. Tasks and missions differ, but the fan stays steady: if you’ve enjoyed the original game, you will find exotic Pacman interpretations just as entertaining. Surely, you can start with a fancy version for your first play: some of the sequels and “clones” of the original world offer extraordinary plots and sophisticated missions.

Variations and classic game

Even if the very first Japanese Pacman game was commercial, at present any player can enjoy the unique entertainment for free. Here, a grand collection of Pacman variations has been gathered to suit the most demanding taste. Pick up a well-looking screenshot of the flash application and start playing right now. No money is needed to enjoy Pacman online and to get to the top of the most high-ranking players in the Internet. Eat up your fullest with the funny yellow glutton or an analogous personage to get the high scores and clear all the game levels that differ greatly in solving difficulty. This game is classics, and it will stay steady among the most popular computer and video games of modern times.